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Real Talk / Tuesday, November 25

Mother/Daughter Twins

Gina and Marcella take dressing alike to the extreme. This mother/daughter duo has matched from head to toe for 30 years. Now, the fashion twins are…

Real Talk / Monday, November 24

Loni’s Door Knock Dinner

It’s Loni’s turn to pop in on one of her biggest fans with an at-home meal. During Door Knock Dinner, the comedienne surprises a family of six…

Health / Monday, November 24

Turkey Turn Up Recipes

There are a lot of self-proclaimed "good cooks" out there, but the true test happens in the kitchen during the holiday season!

Real Talk / Monday, November 24

Like Parent, Like Child

Most of us love our parents to pieces, but sometimes, don’t you just hate being told how much you act like them? “The Real” ladies share how…