7 Fashion Rules That Are Meant to Be Broken

No white after Labor Day? Lies! Real fashionistas know that style rules are meant to be broken.

Here’s a list of 7 fashion no-nos that you should turn into yes-yaaaaaaaassssssssssss!

1. Don’t wear white after Labor Day. 
Translation: You CAN rock your favorite ivory dress and pearl shoes year-round!

2. Save the sequins for your after 5 getup.
Translation: You SHOULD wear sequins whatever time of day your heart desires. 

3. Don’t mix prints and patterns.
Translation: Rocking polka dots and stripes IS on-trend.

4. Don’t mix metals.
Translation: You CAN have a gold and silver jewelry party every day! 

5. Hats are just for bad hair days.
Translation: You can wear your wide-brimmed sunhat even on your BEST hair days! 

6. Less is more.
Translation: Why is less more when MORE can be more?! 

7. Shorts are just for summer.
Translation: Feel FREE to wear your short shorts — paired black tights and ankle booties — in the winter! 


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