How to Look Fierce & Fab in Fringe!

Fringe is a fun, flirty and an on-trend way for every fashionaita to make a statement when she enters the room. With the help of style expert Lindsay Albanese, the ladies of “The Real” pulled together four show-stopping looks that are sure to keep heads turning.

Check them out! 

Spice Up Your Look with a Fringe Belt
“This belt is an easy way to wear fringe whenever you want because you can wear it over anything,” Lindsay says. “Belt a favorite dress or pants! This look is portable and on point, and don’t worry about your age or your size. This works for anyone!”

Get the Look: This belt retails for $28.56 from

Add Movement to Your Style with a Fringe Top
“From the front, you would think this was a regular top, but when she does that turn… BAM! Look at that fringe,” Lindsay points out. “It’s just a little somethin’ to catch your eye and add some movement to your look, and look how it helps accent the booty!”

Get the Look: We found this at Hanging Artistry Boutique for only $20.

Look Fierce in a Fringe Jumpsuit
“If you’re looking to add a little flair to your wardrobe, you need a fringed jumpsuit,” Lindsay suggests. “This can be paired with a yellow blazer to really add some excitement. Notice how the movement of the fringe catches your eye!”

Get the Look: This fringed jumpsuit retails for $148.99 from BCBG.  

Walk Out Wearing a White Dress
“This dress screams party. You can do a lot of dancing in this,” Lindsay says. “What I like is that even though it’s a solid color, the fringe comes alive.” 

Get the Look: You can purchase this white dress from Guess for $138.  

You Can Rock Fringe Accessories!
You can easily add this trend to any outfit with fun accessories. Try this fringed boot from DB Shoes for only $13.50, or this metallic fringe purse by Rebecca Minkoff priced at $195. 

Be sure to show us how you rock your fringe! Tweet us your looks @TheRealDaytime.


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