3 Ways to Up Your Ponytail Game

It’s time to jazz up your ‘do, ladies! Take your everyday look from blah to bangin’ with these chic new ponytail ideas. Grab your hair ties and get ready to pony up!

Posh Pony
According to celebrity hairstylist Joseph Chase, the key to spicing up your style is adding bumps, knots and texture to create a perfect pony. The first look is called the Posh Pony. “The hairstyle takes your classic pony and bumps it up at notch — literally! Just add a bump at the top to command more attention to your hair. If you have bangs, this is a perfect look to show them off. Finally, keep it chic and sexy, and don’t forget to smooth your edges down.”

Cinched Pony
For a cute pony with texture that really stands out in a crowd, go for a Cinched Pony. “What you need to do is create a big ponytail and leave a couple sections out of it and tie with a small elastic,” Joseph says. “Then crisscross those loose strands over your pony. Work your way down. You can make this as simple or as detailed as you want.”

Bow Pony
If you are a girly girl like Tamera, try a Bow Pony. “This looks takes your favorite hair accessory as girls and makes it stylish as a woman,” Joseph details. “You do a regular ponytail, then separate a piece and spray it with hairspray. Then wrap it under the base of the pony and bring it up in two pieces, then tie it like a regular bow.”


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