5 Makeup Tricks from Miss Jackie Beat

When it comes to beauty, we’re always on the hunt for hot new tips, and who better to learn from than a queen who spends hours getting ready every night?

Check out these hot makeup tips and tricks from Miss Jackie Beat!

1. False lashes are always a must! According to Miss Jackie Beat, you can never achieve this with mascara, no matter what the commercials say.

2. Trim the length of your false lashes so it lines up with your natural lash line. “You have to cut them. They are always too long,” Miss Jackie says.

3. With lips, it’s all about blending. Here’s the secret to getting a full lip: Use a dark liner and blend it at the corner, then use a light color in the center to make it pop.

4. When applying blush, the pucker face is necessary to find your check bones. Kissy, kissy!

5. Contouring is all about knowing the shape of your face. Use a darker foundation to contour, and a lighter one to highlight.


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