Chocolate Turkey

When you think of Thanksgiving, you think of turkey, stuffing and traditional fixings, but what about the Gobble Gobble Grub?! Decorate your Thanksgiving table with a few festive, no-bake candy treats. Check out this sweet recipe below!


Chocolate Turkey

1 pack of Reese's mini peanut butter cups
2 Oreo Cookies (double stuff preferred)
1 small bag go Candy Corn
1 pack of Hershey's Whopper Milk Ball
1 mini chocolate chip
Chocolate Frosting
White Frosting
Orange Tube Icing
Black Gel Tube Icing

• Split Oreo cookie.
• Press candy corn into the filling.
• Set into fridge for an hour to set.
• Slice a bit off the peanut butter cup.
• Attach to cookies with chocolate frosting.
• Apply small amount of frosting to mini chocolate chip and position it on whopper for turkey beak.
• Use white frosty to form eyeballs.
• Apply black gel to form pupils.
• Use orange icing to from feet.


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