Say Cheese-Cake

Satisfy your sweet tooth with yummy, slow cooker desserts like Say Cheese-Cake. All you have to do is toss everything into your crockpot, then come home to oh-so-easy goodness!


Say Cheese-Cake

3/4 cup of sugar
3 Eggs
3 8oz. packages of cream cheese
6 Graham crackers
3 Tablespoons of stick butter

• Mix the following ingredients in a bowl: cream cheese, sugar, and eggs.
• Add about 1-inch of water to bottom of crockpot.
• Place foil at bottom of pan and place on top of crockpot.
• In a separate bowl mix crumbled graham crackers and melted butter. This will serve as the crust.
• Place crust mixture into pan.
• Place cream cheese mixture on top of crust layer.
• Let sit for 2 1/2 hours or until cake doesn’t move.
• Enjoy your Say Cheese-Cake!


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