Food on a Stick Recipes

“The Real” ladies showed off recipes for creative dishes on a skewer this week, and now you can try them at home too! Learn how to serve up finger-lickin' good cheese balls, burgers and banana splits… all on a stick!

Mini Cheese Balls-on-a-Stick

Cream Cheese
Grated sharp cheddar cheese
Dried cranberries
Crushed toasted pecans
Pretzel stick

1. Mix following ingredients in a bowl: cream cheese, grated sharp cheddar cheese, and dried cranberries.

2. Form the mixture into bite-sized balls with damp hands.

3. Refrigerate cheese balls for at least 2 hours.

4. Roll chilled cheese balls in crushed toasted pecans for coating.

5. Insert stick pretzel into cheese balls.


*Cut all ingredients into bite-size pieces
Mini Bun (cut a mini bun using a juice glass or round cookie cutter on regular size bun)
Ground turkey meatball
Cherry tomato

1. Assemble in this order: Bottom half of mini bun, lettuce, bacon, ground turkey meatball, cheese, top half of mini bun, and cherry tomato.

2. Enjoy your Burger-on-a-Stick!

Banana Split-on-a-Stick

*Cut all ingredients into bite-size pieces
Mochi Balls (Japanese ice cream balls covered in rice dough)
Chocolate syrup

1. Assemble items on skewer in this order: bananas, strawberries, pineapples, mochi, and cherries.

2. Drizzle some chocolate syrup on the assembly.

3. Enjoy your Banana Split-on-a-Stick!


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