Lash Out Beauty Tips

Celebs have been lashing out for years, and now you too can be on-trend with a bigger, longer and bolder look! From crystal lashes to feather designs, there's something for everyone in the falsie fashion world. Ladies, lash out like you know you can with these fab tips!

1. Go Big or Go Home
Eyelashes are not about blending in. False eyelashes were created to make a statement! 

2. Get Your Shine On
Crystal lashes aren’t an everyday look, but they’re the perfect touch of detail when you’re looking to add glamour… think New Year’s Eve or a black tie event. They give extra bling and you can never go wrong by adding sparkle! 

3. Show Up and Stand Out
Feathers are for when you want all eyes on you. They’re vibrant and the perfect party accessory. 

4. Step Outside the Box
When you think of eyelashes you think of hair, but paper falsies are one of the hottest new trends. They are made out of special paper and cut into designs... a real conversation starter! 

5. Don’t Let the Top Have All the Fun
Bottom lashes help open up your eyes so they appear larger. The key to application is making sure you apply them just under your real lashes. The best part is: you can wear them all the time. Flutter away like a true eyelash queen!


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