Would You Buy or Deny?

"The Real" hosts showed off some of the newest and hottest products advertised on TV, and now it's your turn to tell us if they're worth your hard-earned coins.

Check out the items below, then tweet us @TheRealDaytime with #BuyorDeny and let us know if you'd dish out the big bucks or walk the other way.

1. Pop Chef
The Pop Chef helps you make fruit flower arrangements yourself. “You just slice some fruit and choose the shape you want,” Jeannie shares. “They say you can do it on fruit, veggies, sandwiches and more.” It sells for $10.99, would you buy or deny? 

2. Stir Crazy
This is an automatic, hands-free sauce stirrer. “It’s supposed to eliminate that, 'I wish I had more than two hands' feeling you get when you’ve got lots going on in the kitchen.” Tamera says. “Just turn it on, put it in the sauce you need stirred and let it go to work.” The Stir Crazy retails for $9.99, would you buy or deny? 

3. Save Your Do Gym Wrap
“This product is designed to help keep your hair dry while you’re working out,” Tamar says. “It has patented edge control technology that wicks away moisture and lets cool air in, so you can work out while protecting your ‘do.” It sells for $14.95, would you buy or deny?

4. Swivel Sweeper Max
This is an ultra-light, bagless, cordless and rechargeable sweeper vacuum, designed to use on carpet or hard floors. “It claims to run up  to 45 minutes on a single charge,” Loni shares. It sells for $39.99, would you buy or deny?

5. sitNcycle
“This portable exercise bike is hands-free and has 8 resistance levels to choose from,” Adrienne shows off. “There are so many times a day when we’re sitting, so this product’s slogan is, ‘Why sit when you can sitNcycle?” This workout chair retails for $199, would you buy or deny?


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