Curling 101 Tips & Tricks

There are so many different techniques out there, and many can leave your tresses broken and twisted. Fear no more, because class is in session for Curling 101! Beauties, check out these curling tips from celebrity hairstylist Joseph Chase, then style away!

Where should I start? 
A mistake many people make with their curling iron is starting at the tip and working their way down. According to Joseph Chas, it’s always best to start from the root, wrap your hair around it, and work your way down.  

What temperature should I use? 
Healthier, thicker hair can use higher temps between 410 and 450 degrees, while chemically treated hair should stay in the 380 to 410 heat range. 

Should I use rollers instead?
Hot rollers are a great way to get your desired curls, but you should know how to do it right. “Roll your hair up and alternate rolling underneath to give some texture,” Joseph says. “Don’t leave your hair in too long, otherwise you’ll end up with blong-y, little kid curls.” 

Note: Don’t touch your hair while the curls are setting. It will zap out the volume and cause frizz.

How do I properly use a curling wand? 
Be careful not to burn yourself. Curling wands come with a glove, and Joseph says you should always use it! “When you are dent, hit your hands with finishing spray and crunch the ends.”

How do I choose the right type of curling iron for my needs?
Ceramic and tourmaline irons are normally best for thin to thick and normal to moderately damaged hair, while titanium irons are recommended for thick to coarse hair and professional use. 


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