Hot Mama Fashion Tips

It’s a REAL PSA for all mothers out there: The time has come to step away from the mom jeans! 

That’s right, we want you to turn your MOM look into a BOMB look with these Hot Mama Fashion Tips!

Tip 1: Be Pretty for the Playdate
Leggings are a great choice for your next playdate, because they’re stretchy and allow you to easily get down on the ground to crawl around, if necessary. Pair them with flats that are functional to run around in, and a satchel, so yo can hold the kids' snacks and goodies in style! 

Tip 2: Step Out at Night in Style
Every mom needs a night out with the girls, and when you go, make sure you dress to impress and show off your best features. Shorts can easily be paired with a pretty blazer and matching clutch. 

Tip 3: Dazzle at Your Mother’s Day Dinner
Choose a dress that’s classy, but still says you’re the lady of the house. By emphasizing your waist with a fun hemline, you’ll distract from any problem areas. Nude pumps are a great way to create a leaner, longer look.

Tip 4: Confidence Is Key
No matter where you’re going or what you’re wearing, remember that confidence is always your best accessory! Slay!


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