3 Fab Back-to-School 'Dos for Your Dream Kid

Want the perfect hairstyle for your Dream Kid this back-to-school season? Check out three awesome styles you can try using African Pride’s Dream Kids Olive Miracle® set!

1. Ballerina Bun 

Dream Kids® Detangler Miracle Reversible Straightening TEXTURE MANAGEABILITY SYSTEM™
Dream Kids® Detangler Miracle Reversible Straightening TEXTURE MANAGEABILITY SYSTEM™ is a four step system that gives you remarkable quick and easy, tangle-free styles that your little curlies will love.

TIP: Great to use on your natural curly child’s hair when you want the versatility of seamlessly going back and forth between straight hair and curls.

2. Pretty Side Pony

Dream Kids® Olive Miracle SMOOTH EDGES – Anti-Frizzy Conditioning Gel
Your gentle daily protection to help keep her hair strong and beautifully healthy looking. Excellent for all hairstyles.

TIP: Use this slick gel to easily smooth up edges and reduce breakage around the temples.

3. Curly Twist Out

Dream Kids® Olive Miracle Detangling Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner
Formulated exclusively for children’s delicate hair and scalp, this Moisturizing & Detangling Leave-In Conditioner has properties that help manage tangles, and improve softness while boosting shine.

TIP: Use this leave-in to detangle curls, stretch her curl pattern and deeply moisturize. Can be used on wet hair after shampooing.

To recreate these back-to-school hairstyles, use these products from Dream Kids Olive Miracle®!


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