As a kid, all I ever wanted to be was a platinum-selling singer/songwriter. After releasing an R&B album that went “wood in the hood” (my Mom and 3 of my friends bought copies), I parlayed my innate sense of humor into a career in comedy. I began by writing jokes gleaned from my life experiences and skewed observations, and posting them on Facebook. 

Friends urged me to perform live, and on the day I was scheduled to perform at my first open mic, I was fired from my job. Cosmic coincidence? Conspiracy? Whatever the case, I seized the opportunity, and after killing on my first time on stage, I spent the next few years learning how not to bomb, hosting events, and moving back in with my parents. 

Although I made my mark in Houston by opening for a number of nationally touring comedians, and have appeared in myriad venues across the Southwest, I have never appeared on television and would relish the opportunity to work with Loni and the rest of "The Real" cast. I would like to add that 1. I wear size 16 shoes, 2. The rumors about lack men with large feet are true, and 3. I consider myself quite manly, even though I own a Pomeranian and live with my parents. 


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