Tamera pose

Taking the perfect picture is like creating a work of art. You want people to stop, stare and talk about it until the end of time, but you can’t do it until you’ve mastered the pose, honey!

Our resident fashion and lifestyle guru, Jeannie Mai, is ready to teach you everything she knows about striking the perfect pose for your style, your body type and your social media.

For those of you with an hourglass, petite shape, like our own host Adrienne Houghton, it’s all about the angles.

“Tip number one for petite women like Adrienne,” Jeannie said, is “Never, ever let a person take a picture of you from the angle up, because all that does is expand your head, and make your body look really stocky.”

Instead, Jeannie recommends shorter women take pictures from their waist level. “Think of your picture frame,” she said. “You want to fill that with your body, not just your head.”

Adrienne pose

For women with a curvy figures and compact waistlines, Jeannie recommends placing your hands on your thighs with fingers pointed downward, and leaning one leg away from the body when standing, to elongate the torso and accentuate the curves.

If you’re a sexy, curvaceous, bombshell of a babe like Loni Love, Jeannie’s main reminder is to swivel.

“Swivel the side of your waist to the camera, and swivel your hips just a little further, and hug those curves,” she said. “Give it a little Beyoncé.”

Loni pose

Group pictures are also a great time to get your pose on.

“Don’t let everybody stand the same way,” she said. “Everybody looks really uniform if everyone stands with their hands on their hips. Everybody’s got to assume a different posture.”

Art of the Pose

Send us your group and solo pics using the pose tips in this post, using #TheReal, and we might even share them on our social accounts!


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