'America's Next Top Model' Star Winnie Harlow Defends Controversial Comments

Winnie Harlow has defended her comments after slamming the show she started out on – "America’s Next Top Model." The star said the Tyra Banks-hosted series “didn’t do anything” to advance her career in the industry.

After causing a stir, Winnie took to Instagram to clarify her comments. Standing by what she said, the model insisted she was grateful to Tyra, though added that no one would book her because of the “reality TV stigma."

Was Winnie wrong to say "ANTM" didn’t do anything for her? Adrienne said she agrees with the 24-year-old model. “It always goes back to what Tam says – 'It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.' I think her tone in her apology was straight-on.”

She added, “But I get where she’s coming from and what she’s saying. If you see 'ANTM,' many of those girls didn’t go on to high-end campaigns… it’s how it was said.”

Jeannie disagreed, telling the audience, “I would personally never dismiss anything that is a step back or a failure in my life,” while Tam pointed out the reality show still got her plenty of attention. Loni said what everyone else probably didn’t want to ask. Maybe Winnie just didn’t like Tyra?


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