Why Remy Ma & Papoose Chose This Name for The Golden Child

New parents Remy Ma and Papoose were on “The Real” on Thursday, and they brought along their Golden Child!

After debuting their daughter on national television, they also let the world know her real name!

“Her real name is Reminisce Mackenzie, and Mackie, like our last name,” Remy Ma revealed.

But why did they choose Reminisce?

Remy explained, “Everybody always names their sons after their dads, I just feel like, hmm… I think we need another Remy in the world.”

Love it! While Reminisce is the baby’s given name, she usually goes by something else.

Remy said, “So she’s Reminisce. But the strange thing – no one calls her Remy. We all call her Mac, short for her middle name, Mackenzie.”

Ready for even more cuteness? Papoose sometimes refers her to as “Snook” or “Snookums”!

Remy said he calls her everything, and has multiple versions of the nickname, like “Snookums. Snook the Crook. Snook the Cook.”

So adorable. Real fam, do you have a favorite, unique baby name?


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