Monday, April 29

Need Relationship Advice?

Does it feel like your man is speaking a different language? Are the rules of the dating game giving you trouble? Have you lost that spark in your long-term relationship? Let us know your relationship situation, and our celebrity guest may help you on The Real!

Friday, November 02

Mom 411: Information Hotline for Moms!

Are you a full-time mom with a teenager who is a handful? Are you out of touch with their lingo or slang? Do they not listen to you and you need someone to help you communicate with them? Share your question and story, and we'll try to answer it!

Wednesday, September 05

Looking for REAL fans in Cleveland!

Do you watch (and rewatch!) every episode? Do you know our theme song by heart? Do you know our hosts better than ANYONE? Tell us why you love The Real and we could be hitting you up!

Thursday, August 30

Good or Nah

Hey Real fam, it happens to all of us—there you are scrolling through IG or FB and see an ad for a product that looks great, but you wonder ‘does it really work? Is it worth my cash?” Tell us which products you’ve seen lately that make you go ‘hmmmm??’

Tuesday, May 22

Need Some Advice from the Hosts of The Real?

Are you in a jam, and need Tam’s help? Got a burning fashion question for Jeannie? Need love advice from Loni? Want Adrienne to weigh in on your sticky situation? Ask your questions, and let them know here!

Thursday, January 04

Getting Married Soon?

Are you getting married in fall or winter? Do you want the hosts to shout out your big day? Are you helping a friend with their upcoming wedding? Do you have a family member getting hitched? We want to hear the details! Get in touch, share your story, and we could celebrate you on the show!