Relationships Tuesday, May 29

Absolutely Adrienne: Estranged Bedfellows!

A couple has broken up; but, in order to save money, they still live together... on the condition that they won't talk to, or see, other people. Now the man has broken the promise! Do you think she should start seeing other people, since he has?

Real Talk Tuesday, October 03

'Sex and the City 3' Canceled?!

This is absolutely not okay, according to Adrienne! Why aren't we getting a third film? It's reportedly because star Kim Cattrall doesn't want one! *Sips tea and gives side eye*

Real Talk Monday, May 29

Absolutely Adrienne

Mrs. Adrienne Houghton keeps it REAL on matters of the heart, in this edition of Absolutely Adrienne! Watch!

Monday, April 17

Monday on 'The Real': Absolutely Adrienne Returns!

This Monday, it's the return of one of your favorite segments... Absolutely Adrienne! Tune in as Adrienne answers your questions on life, love, career and everything in between! Plus, we have a double dose of Girl Chat and a hilarious game of Spring Chickens!

Real Talk Wednesday, March 15

It's Absolutely Adrienne!

It's time for Absolutely Adrienne, when co-host Adrienne answers fan questions regarding life, love, career, and everything in between!