Real Talk Thursday, August 16

Exercise Bragging or Inspiring?

Why you gotta take a bunch of selfies when you work out? Who you trying to impress? Do you think this is inspiring? We don't hold back when dishin' on taking pics while lifting weights!

Health Friday, September 04

Dust a Move!

Did you know you can do those dreaded cleaning chores and burn calories at the same time?! That’s right, you can turn your spring cleaning into spring training! Learn how to sweep away that winter weight!

Health Tuesday, July 07

Would You Buy or Deny?

"The Real" hosts showed off some of the newest and hottest products advertised on TV, and now it's your turn to tell us if they're worth your hard-earned coins.

Health Thursday, June 18

Essentials for Your Next Trip to the Gym

If you’re afraid to leave your valuables in your gym locker, but don’t want to be the bag lady who lugs her purse from machine to machine, then we’ve got a solution for you! Make sure your workout is worry-free with these fab fitness products… because the only thing you should be sweating over at the gym is your workout!

Health Wednesday, May 27

Microwaveable Muscles

“The Real” ladies are zapping into action and flexing their microwave muscles! These handy-dandy kitchen appliances have hidden powers, and the ladies are showing you all the tips and tricks. Check it out!