Real Talk Monday, April 17

I Gotta Clean What?

Watch as the hosts they give the 411 on items around your house that need to be cleaned, but most people don't.

Health Monday, April 17

Busting Bad Habits

What's your worst habit? The hosts are keeping REAL about theirs in this hilarious Girl Chat. Watch!

Health Thursday, April 13

'The Real' Skincare Secrets

Thursday on "The Real," the hosts are sharing their budget-friendly skincare tips in Girl Chat. Did you know about the benefits of bottled water?…

Health Tuesday, April 11

Adrienne's Yoga Demonstration

Tuesday on "The Real," the ladies chat it up about co-ed naked yoga. That's right... there's a yoga studio that now offers nude classes, and the…

Health Thursday, April 06

It's Still Good

Did you know you might be throwing out food that's still good? That's right! Learn how to make chips, eggs and cheese good... after you think they've…