Real Talk Monday, September 05

Meet Lantern Lunch Program Founder Phyllis Shaughnessy!

When the free lunch program serving the students of North Beach, Washington was canceled over the summer, Phyllis Shaughnessy took matters into her own hands and launched a mission to deliver lunches kids across the region. Check to her amazing story, in this clip.

Real Talk Thursday, August 25

Winnie Harlow Meets April Star!

Model Winnie Harlow has been an inspiration to aspiring model April Star for years, and they meet live for the first time right here on “The Real”! Watch as the stunning models shed light on their rare skin condition and talk about breaking down beauty barriers.

Health Wednesday, August 24

Get More Info on LumpyCards, Here!

LumpyCards are a gift with a cause! Founded by Lexi Timmons, LumpyCards are changing the way people give cancer cards by adding humor and lots of smiles.

Real Talk Friday, July 01

A Place to Sleep

Watch as “The Real” ladies deliver a well-deserved surprise to 16-year-old Jessica Collins, who provides beds and bedding to needy children! For more info on her non-profit A Place to Sleep, visit here: