Beauty Thursday, August 16

Don't Come for Fenty!

Rival makeup line Makeup Forever took a shady shot at Rihanna's new Fenty line... but RiRi clapped right back!

Beauty Friday, April 14

Luxury Lip Bar

Learn how to take your lip game to the next level with these fab Luxury Lip Trends.

Beauty Monday, October 24

Polish Me Pretty

With different styles and shapes popping up all the time, it can be hard to NAIL down the right look. That's why "The Real" ladies are showing you a few of the hottest nail trends that will help you stand out and express yourself. This is... Polish Me Pretty!

Beauty Thursday, November 26

4 Makeup Miracles You Can't Live Without!

We’ve all been there… when you’re doing your lips and your favorite lipstick breaks in half. It can leave you heartbroken, but there’s a way to mend your heart and your lipstick. Check out these 4 miracle makeup tips!