Real Talk Wednesday, June 03

‘The Real’ Way to Binge

What do “The Real “ ladies do when they couldn't care less about counting calories? They indulge in their favorite, delicious and flavorful foods! From a macaroni and cheese burger to buffalo wing soda to donut ice cream sandwiches, this is a REAL-style binge.

Health Wednesday, November 12

A REAL Thanksgiving-Style Binge

Turkey Day is right around the corner, and “The Real” ladies are taking a moment to indulge in their favorite flavorful foods! From bacon pumpkin pecan pancakes to cinnamon roll stuffing, there’s something for everyone in this Thanksgiving-style binge.

Wednesday, August 07

Crazy Binge Snacks

Does your mouth water at the sound of a Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe sandwich? If that sounds like a strange food to take a bite of, wait 'til you get a load of these other crazy binge snacks!

Tuesday, July 30

The All-American Binge

America is a big place, and each region has a delicious cuisine you just can't say no to. Watch the ladies take a bite out of the best binge foods across the nation, and if you find yourself in any of these places, indulge yourself! As Loni says, "It's not about being healthy all the time, sometimes it's about being happy."

Wednesday, July 17

Time of the Month Binge

Whether your Aunt Flo's in town or you just need something satisfying, nothing gets you in a better mood than some good food! Find out the hosts' favorite treats to binge on when they're feeling bad and couldn't care less about counting calories.