Tuesday, November 07

Get Your Fri-Yay On with a Lavender Unicorn!

The hosts tried a fantastic cocktail called The Lavender Unicorn, and just like every unicorn, this drink is absolutely magical. It’s got a sweet taste that’s perfect for casual chilling with friends after a long work week, or sipping in front of the TV while you’re watching your favorite show.

Tuesday, November 07

Vesper Martini Recipe

It’s that time of the week again… Fri-yay! And if you’re part of "The Real's" family, you know that can only mean we’ve got another tasty cocktail recipe for you to try at home with friends.

Recipes Friday, November 03

Caramel-centric Cidertini Recipe!

Get cozy with this caramel and cinnamon concoction that tastes crazy good! Check out the recipe below, and use #RealFriYay on Instagram when you post fabulous pictures of your cidertini!