Real Talk Thursday, August 16

Exercise Bragging or Inspiring?

Why you gotta take a bunch of selfies when you work out? Who you trying to impress? Do you think this is inspiring? We don't hold back when dishin' on taking pics while lifting weights!

Wednesday, August 01

What's the 'Happs' with Teen Apps?

"The Real" hosts discuss the dangers of teenage technology, from vault and decoy apps to meet-up apps. They also share their advice for maintaining online safety, including the use of parental control apps and clear communication. How do you keep your kids safe when using their phones? What Remy Ma found on her son's phone →→→

Wednesday, June 20

Social Media Shade from a Sibling!

The ladies of "The Real" rate the shade of one viewer's story! Hear the situation, and help us rate the shade! Rate more shade here →→→