Real Talk Monday, March 13

Shoutrageous with Tahj Mowry

It's time to get Shoutrageous! Watch Tahj Mowryl join "The Real" ladies for a fun game of Shoutrageous! It's a guessing game for all the loudmouths and know-it-alls of the world, and it's FREE for spring break until 3/20! Download now at

Real Talk Monday, March 13

You're Way Too Nice

Is it a turn off if someone is super nice all the time? Watch what "The Real" hosts have to say and tell us your thoughts below.

Real Talk Monday, March 13

Mom and Dad, Stop Lying!

Did your parents tell you little white lies, or keep it REAL? The hosts shares the funniest fibs their mom and dad told them back in the day. Watch!

Real Talk Monday, March 13

Uncle Tahj Mowry Is the Ariah Whisperer

Ariah loves her Uncle Tahj! Monday on "The Real," Tamera reveals that her brother Tahj is the only person her daughter doesn't give the side eye to. Tune in Monday for the full, adorable story!

Monday, March 13

Monday on "The Real': Guest Co-Host Tahj Mowry!

This Monday, you're in for a REAL treat, because Tamera's brother Tahj Mowry is in the house! The "Baby Daddy" star kicks off the week as a special guest, and he'll share a male perspective during Girl Chat. Plus, he gets SHOUTRAGEOUS with us!