Real Talk Tuesday, May 09

Diddy, the Photo Fixer

What's the Diddy crop? The ladies of "The Real" and guest co-host Kelly Osbourne chat it up about the Diddy photo crop that's taking the Internet by storm!

Real Talk Tuesday, April 04

Picture This!

You can transfer your old pictures to make new memories! To try these picture-perfect tips a home, visit for the Disappearing Hot Coffee Mug, for the Picture Jigsaw Puzzle, and for the Picture Throw Blanket!

Relationships Wednesday, February 15

An Uber Bad Way to Get Caught

There's a man blaming the Uber app for breaking up his marriage... and he's suing! Who's really to blame? "The Real" ladies give their two cents in this Girl Chat!

Wednesday, November 23

We Have an App! Let's Play Shoutrageous!

We have some very exciting news to share with you... WE HAVE AN APP! Watch "The Real ladies play Shoutrageous, and visit this link to download a copy from the Apple store:

Monday, October 17

REAL Teaser: Insta-slam!

Have you ever scrolled through someone's Instagram feed and thought, "What were they thinking?" We've all been there! Tune in this Monday to see who "The Real" ladies are calling out in another edition of Insta-slam! But first, check out this sneak peek!