Real Talk Tuesday, December 30

Jeannie's Mom Is in the House!

Mama Mai stops by “The Real,” and she’s holding nothing back! Watch as Jeannie’s mom shares her side of the story during Girl Chat, in this hilarious clip.

Real Talk Friday, November 21

Who Would You Rather Save?

He’s been saving people for years as Superman, and now he’s getting REAL! During a fun game, Dean Cain shares his thoughts on a few familiar names... and reveals who he’d rather save. Superman to the rescue!

Real Talk Friday, November 21

Dean Cain Is Looking for His Wonder Woman

Actor Dean Cain, best known as for his starring role in “The New Adventures of Superman,” is looking for his Wonder Woman! The Hollywood heartthrob doesn’t want to stay a bachelor, and during his visit to “The Real,” he reveals why. Watch!