To use emojis or not to use emojis? It may sound silly, but according to a survey, people who use emojis have more sex than singles who don’t get their smiley face on. Is it immature, or a fun way of flirting? The girls and guest host Amber Riley discuss it.


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Real Talk Wednesday, October 17

Drive-Thru Etiquette

The website Taste Made listed ten drive-thru rules people should follow. Do you think there are rights and wrongs to using the drive-thru?

Real Talk Wednesday, October 17

What Drives You?

#ad We've partnered with Nissan to celebrate HBCU homecoming season! Loni is a proud HBCU alum (Prairie View A&M University!) and she shares with us how she was able to reinvent herself from an engineering major to a comic and host of THE REAL! #NissanDiversity