Monday on "The Real," 2 Chainz shares why giving back is so near and dear to his heart. "Around this time, it's just important for me to find another innovative way to help people," he shares. Check out the touching clip, and tune in Monday for more with Mr. 2 Chainzzzzz himself!


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Real Talk Wednesday, October 17

Drive-Thru Etiquette

The website Taste Made listed ten drive-thru rules people should follow. Do you think there are rights and wrongs to using the drive-thru?

Real Talk Wednesday, October 17

What Drives You?

#ad We've partnered with Nissan to celebrate HBCU homecoming season! Loni is a proud HBCU alum (Prairie View A&M University!) and she shares with us how she was able to reinvent herself from an engineering major to a comic and host of THE REAL! #NissanDiversity