Kody Brown and his wives; Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn (TLC’s “Sister Wives”) are in the studio! Plus, the hosts discuss the "Things Black People Just Won't Do," and whether you say "yes" to a proposal without a ring. Find out the biggest fashion faux pas and disasters in "That's So Ratchet," then get ready for a riveting performance by fabulous gay dance squad and Internet sensation "Prancing Elites"!


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Real Talk Thursday, January 21

Stay Out of My Ovaries; Celebrities Seek Change from Biden/Harris

After singer Michelle Williams clapped back on social media when she was told she needed to have kids, we weigh in on the line that some cross when it comes to women’s bodies, plus celebrities get honest about what they want to see from President Biden. Then we dish on whether you should Google a potential partner.