What you wear says a lot about your personality – even the clothes you sleep in! The hosts of "The Real" showed off their personal PJs and how each outfit represents them. Adrienne likes something cute, Tamera likes fuzzy and flirty sleepwear, Jeannie and Loni just want comfort, while Tamar, of course, will sleep in nothing but silk!



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Fashion Thursday, August 27

Loni's Luscious Looks!

Nobody does it like our girl Loni! Whether she’s telling jokes to a packed crowd or writing her next best-selling book, Ms. Love ALWAYS keeps it real — and she does so in style! Ch-ch-check out her best looks!

Fashion Wednesday, August 26

All the Times Adrienne Made Us Say 'Damn!'

Whether she’s singing, acting, or keeping it 100 on “The Real,” our girl Adrienne ALWAYS kills it with her fashion! It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing an LBD or a snake print skirt — every time we see Ade on-screen, we can’t help but say, “DAMN, GIRL!” Ch-ch-check out her best looks!