Jeff Lewis (Bravo's "Interior Therapy" and "Flipping Out") has a chat with the ladies about his unique management style! The hosts perform outrageous dares tweeted by viewers, and Tamar prank calls her own sister! Plus, they debate whether a baby can really save a marriage, and why parents always want you to hang around their kid! Finally, it's "Bring Your Husband to Work Day,” which means the husbands of Tamar, Tamera and Jeannie are in the house to reveal secrets about their wives!



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Real Talk Monday, April 19

Women For The Win: Toni Breidinger

We’re making strides in politics, education and in the workforce! So today, we’re highlighting those everyday women who are showing up and knocking down barriers in traditionally male- dominated careers! This is.. Women For the Win!

Real Talk Monday, April 19

Who Eats First: Your Husband or Your Children?

It’s customary in some households to serve the man of the house first, but have times changed? Plus, from Maxwell to Bruno Mars, we’re revealing which singer we’d want to sing us “Happy Birthday” after a video featuring a hilarious choir-like rendition of the popular song went viral.