10 Questions to Ask Before Going Under the Knife

Whether you want something bigger, smaller or tighter, we all have body issues. Are you thinking about going under the knife for a quick nip-tuck or to get a bootylicious backside?

Check out this list of 10 questions you should ask yourself first.

  1. Have I tried other remedies first? Are there other ways to get the results I want?
  2. Am I healthy enough for plastic surgery?
  3. Do I know all the details of the procedure? What exactly does it entail?
  4. Can I handle the weeks of pain and numbness after the operation? Am I prepared for the recovery process?
  5. Am I fully aware of all possible complications, including infections and scars?
  6. Can I afford this procedure? Is there room in my budget to finance the operation, recovery and after-surgery upkeep?
  7. Is this something that I want to do for myself, or do I feel outside pressure?
  8. Do I have realistic expectations of the outcome? What type of results should I expect after the first operation?
  9. Do the benefits of this procedure outweigh the risks?
  10. Most importantly, do I know that REAL beauty comes from within, and I’m beautiful and fabulous just the way I am?


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