Find out 10 awesome and little-known facts about the bubbly host.

1. Kim Kardashian is my biggest celebrity hair crush.
2. My top three guilty pleasures are wine, chocolate, and cheese.
3. I’m a foodie! A good meal is my biggest fetish.
4. I think every woman should have a sexy pair of stilettos in her closet.
5. Flying an airplane was my all-time wildest moment.
6. Sade’s “Soldier of Love” is my theme song. A guy once called me an angel in armor, because to love the way I do, I have to protect myself or I'll constantly be a victim.
7. There are downsides to being a hopeless romantic, and I know this firsthand.
8. The only person I’ve ever got in a catfight with is my twin sister. I won.
9. My biggest pet peeves are prejudice, entitlement and laziness.
10. I’ve been heartbroken many times, but I never gave up on love. I love love!


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