Even with 1001 things on your daily to-do list, looking cute (or as Tamar would say, "snatched!") is always a must. Thanks to Jeannie Mai, feeling and looking fabulous has never been easier. Check out her five fun tips for fashionistas on the go.

1. Always keep a slim-fit blazer handy
According to Jeannie, blazers are the perfect way to add polish to any look, allowing versatility to dress up or dress down your statement pieces.

2. Handle the basics first
Invest in a pair of Wacaol undergarments because, according to Jeannie, “they are better than Spanks, quote me!”

3. Save the 5-inch stilettos for dinner
Sky-high heels are perfect for a dinner date with your man, but Jeannie suggests that your closet also include a sexy pair of kitten heels for moments on the go. “They are demure and dainty for every woman's size,” she says.

4. Beauty starts from within
Your personality is the most important accessory of any outfit, so let it shine, but if you ever get ha-ngry (hungry and angry), Jeannie has the perfect solution. Always keep some type of food in your purse, she says.

5. Don’t live too far from your favorite stores
Jeannie says she purchased a condo in Harrisburg, PA, thinking it would allow her to spend more time with the family. “But once I realized Target was the most fashionable place I could shop,” she shares, “I’ve been there one time in the past two years.” Moral of the story: shopping should always be convenient and fun! Why not?


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