What’s the Craziest Thing You’ve Done for Love? Adrienne Tells All

Love is powerful, and sometimes it makes us do crazy things... like jump out of airplanes! Well, that is in Adrienne’s case, at least.

When asked about the wildest thing she’s ever done, “The Real” host revealed that it happened while she was head-over-heels in love. “I have a fear of flying,” she shared, but that didn’t stop her from skydiving with her boyfriend. Why you may ask? “I did it for love,” she said.

Adrienne’s crazy-in-love moments don't stop there. “I was in Atlantic City with my then-friend (who is now my man), and I got into a huge fight with him because I thought he was trying to bang my assistant,” she said of her most embarrassing drunk story. “I screamed horrible things at him and forgot about it in the morning.”

Talk about being drunk in love!


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