Snooping 101: Tips & Tricks to Check Your Man’s Phone

Have you ever taken a sneaky look through your man’s phone? If so, you’re not alone! In a world of smartphones, emails and social media, snooping on your partner is not only easier, but it’s more tempting than ever.

If you feel the need to “trust and check,” as Tamar puts it, then check out these tips and tricks for snooping through your man’s personal accounts. Whether you expect cheating or it’s just out of curiosity, there’s no judgement here!

1. Make a Video Call
According to Adrienne, FaceTime is a great way to check your man’s location. If he claims he’s at home, make him prove it on a video call!

2. Share Your Accounts
The easiest way to monitor your man’s social media activity is to share an account. It works for Tamar and Vince! “Whatever you have to say to him, you can communicate through me,” the host shares.

3. Timing Is Everything
Real relationship ninjas, as Adrienne likes to call herself, know that timing is key when snooping through your partner’s phone. For most devices, there’s a 45-second window before it locks.

4. Don’t feel bad!
According to Tamera, it’s natural for a woman to want to check. Although she doesn’t consider herself to be a relationship ninja, she admits to snooping through Adam’s Facebook once in a while.

5. Just Get the Code
Want to kill your itch to snoop? If so, just get the code! Adrienne says she felt more comfortable and no longer had the urge to keep tabs on her boyfriend after he willingly shared his phone's password.


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