It’s time for Man Crush Monday -- “The Real” style! Our hosts may be married, dating and satisfied singles, but that doesn’t mean they can’t gush over their favorite Hollywood hotties. Check below to find out their secret celebrity crushes!

Tamar on Kevin Hart: “Mine may not be very tall, but he has a tall coin and tall swag! Any man that can dress and make me crack the hell up gets points in my book!”

Tamera on Kit Harrington: “I am crushing on sexy ‘Game of Thrones’ hottie Kit Harrington. He’s so hot. He’s got those smoldering eyes and that British accent. This is my MCM!”

Loni on Tom Brady: “My MCM is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady! I will wrestle his wife for him. I love this man I will say it loud and proud!”

Jeannie on Common: “I’m so obsessed with him -- his music, lyrics… I feel like he’s smart and he is nice. My man is Common!”

Adrienne on Jay Leno: “My Man Crush Monday is classic. I am crushing hard on comedian and host Jay Leno. He put me to bed laughing every night and I like that. He’s like fine wine.”


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