That's So Ratchet! Take the Quiz

If you’re unfamiliar with ratchet behavior, just know it comes in all colors, sizes and levels of hot messiness!

The culture seems to be taking over, but don’t worry, because the ladies of “The Real” are here to save you! Take our That’s So Ratchet quiz below; if you answer yes to two more of the following questions, sorry to break it to you, but you might be ratchet!

1. Do you wear super-long nails?
If your nails are so long that they curve, chances are you might be ratchet. According to Tamar, less is always more!

2. Do you hang your weave hair on the clothesline?
Although Tamera and Tamar both admit to hanging their hair extensions on the clothesline to dry, this doesn’t make the behavior any less ratchet.

3. Have you ever rocked a tank top dress?
If you’ve ever turned your tank top into a club dress, don’t worry, it’s not your fault. We blame your friends! In the words of Jeannie, “My anaconda don’t want none!”

4. Have you ever made a homemade grill?
If you’ve ever made a homemade grill with foil, it’s time to invest in a better dental plan!

5. Have you ever painted your own red bottom shoes?
If you made your first pair of red bottoms at home, chances are you might be ratchet… but who cares?! In the words of Loni, “Paint your heels if you want to, girl!”

6. Do you live in a designer house?
If you live in a designer print-painted house, then you are wall-to-wall ratchet!

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