Knockoff or Not? How to Spot a Designer Fake

Are you savvy enough to spot real designer goodies from fake?

There are definitely some good knockoffs out there, but don’t be fooled! Check out these tips from “The Real” stylist Jeni Elizabeth on how to tell the real versions from the copycats.

1. The Beauty Is in the Details
Jeni says, “You can tell by the leather, you can tell by the zipper, and depending on the type of bag that it is, the pattern. Louis Vuitton is a great one because you’ll have the checks but you won’t have the LV."

2. Pay Attention to the Stitching
"The stitching is also big,” she adds. “With Hermès, the stitching is a huge one. It’s very neat. It’s very perfect."

3. Check Out the Tag
"The hardware is a big indicator too,” Jeni points out. “Sometimes you’ll see ‘Made in China’ on the hardware tag and that’s big."

4. Have An Eye for Color
When it comes to genuine Christian Louboutin red bottom heels, you should turn into a color cop. “The red is off,” she says of knockoff versions. “His is a very hot red. It’s lacquered."

5. Look at Logos
"With the real Fendi logo, the Fs don’t line up and it’s upside down,” she explains. “With the fake ones, they have perfect Fs facing each other. The logo is different. It’s the same, but tweaked."

If you’re interested in any of the items featured on today’s game of Fake It or Take It, find out below where to get them!


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