5 Classic ChildHOOD Snacks

The ladies of “The Real” are five gorgeous and grown women who are still obsessed with their favorite childhood snacks! From street corn to Western fries, these aren’t the goodies you’ll find at the local grocery store. 

Let’s take a trip back to the ‘hood!  

1. Loni’s Jumbo Pickle and Peppermint Stick
“Unless you grew up with it, my childhood snack may seem a little freaky… the pickle and the peppermint!” Loni says. “To make it, first you grab a pickle and bite off the top of the pickle. Then you just grab a peppermint stick and stick it down the middle.”

2. Tamera’s Sweet Cookie Treat
“This one was a sleepover favorite for me,” Tamera reveals. “If regular cookies don’t cut it, this is a perfect replacement for when you’re craving something sweet. Just take some Nilla Wafers and dunk them in your favorite frosting!”

3. Jeannie’s Sweet and Spicy Lollipop
“I like something a little sweet and a little spicy, so I’m always craving Mango Chile Limon lollipops,” Jeannie shares. “I loved getting these from the iceman as a kid. If you can get through the spicy coating, there’s a sweet mango-y treat waiting for you in the center.”

4. Tamar’s Batter-Dipped French Fries
“My hood snack is Western Fries! If you’re not from the DMV… which is DC, Maryland and Virginia… Western fries are thick-cut potatoes battered like fried chicken,” Tamar says. “They are supposed to be a snack, but sometimes you’ll keep on going until you’re full.” 

5. Adrienne’s Street Corn
“We’ve saved the best for last… in my opinion. I can’t pass by a street cart without craving some Elote, aka street corn,“ Adrienne shares. “It’s a bomb combo of mayo, cheese and chili powder smothered on corn on the cob!“  


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