Bang Bang! Finding the Perfect Fringe for Your Face

Change your looks with a bang! If you’re looking to mix things up a bit — or hide annoying frown lines — add some fringe to your life. Bangs are fun, flirty, and cheaper than Botox! 

Side Sweep Bang
I’m wearing a look for when you’re feeling a rush of romance,” Adrienne shares. “To create a sweet look, sweep your bangs to the side, use some holding spray, do a loose bun, and you’ve got a totally different look! This works for medium to long bangs.”

Blunt Bang
We’ve all had a bad, too-short version we did ourselves, but done right, you can look oh-so glam,” Tamera says. “Blunt bangs make you look younger and really play up your eyes and highlight your cheekbones. I like to spray a tiny bit of shine oil on the hair for extra oomph!”

Edgy, Sexy and Dramatic Bang
My bang style is best if you want to add a little sass,” Jeannie says. “This edgy, sexy and dramatic bang works for long or short hair… plus, it really slims the face.” 

If you want to get one of these looks without making a long-term commitment, try clip-on extensions. According to celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble, clip-on bangs “make it very easy to change your look and you don’t have to cut your hair.” Win!


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