Dating Double Standards We're Tired of Hearing

Sometimes, life just isn’t fair, and in the dating world that’s more apparent than ever.

Double standards and dating go together like a sexy bodycon dress and red-bottom heels. Let’s call out the worst double standards that we’re tired of hearing!

  1. When he asks a lot questions, that means he cares. If she asks questions, that means she’s a nag.
  2. When he has multiple sex partners, that means he’s “the man.” If she has multiple sex partners, that means she’s a whore. 
  3. When a guy is single, people say, “He just hasn’t found the right girl yet.” When a girl is single, people say, “Oh, she must be crazy!” 
  4. When he posts topless pics on Instagram, the ladies show #MCM love. When she posts sexy pics, the guys “like” it, but label her as thirsty or easy
  5. When guys date younger women, they’re considered players. When women date older men, they’re called gold diggers.


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