Online Dating: REAL Dos & Don’ts You Should Live By

In 2014, online dating is as popular as hair dye, six-inch stilettos and people who overuse the term “YOLO.” It’s like a new way of life, and in this digital age, it’s one of the most convenient tools ever… that is, if you can weed through all the BS!

To make your quest to meet an online cutie as easy and drama-free as possible, follow these cyberdating tips.


1. Be Honest
No one likes a catfish, so be genuine! Post a recent photo of yourself and an honest description.

2. Be Clear About What You Want
What are your relationship goals? Know what you are looking for and choose the right site for those needs. If you’re looking for a hookup buddy, a site like Tinder may be your new best friend. If you’re looking for a more serious boo thing, try a site that requires a monthly fee.

3. Meet In-Person ASAP
Don’t get sucked into an ongoing email exchange. Set up an in-person meetup in a public place as soon as possible. If you think you like the guy, there’s no need to waste your time if you find out he’s not really 6' and handsome like he said.


1. Don’t Reveal Too Much Too Soon
Just for safety, you should always create a separate email account for your online dating ventures. Also, only share your first name until you feel more comfortable revealing more (ideally after a few dates).

2. Never Online Date on Your Office Computer
Save your online dating activity for your personal computer. Your company has access to their computers, so just spare yourself the embarrassment.

3. Don’t Lead Anyone On
Although getting a lot of attention from potential suitors may seem fun, don’t lead anyone on. If you’re not interested, let him know. A respectful rejection is better than a thumb-twiddling no response.


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