Did you know it takes the average person 10 or more tries to get the perfect selfie? It’s true! Don’t fret, with these tips and devices, anyone can turn regular selfies into masterpieces. Welcome to Selfie 101!

Don’t Miss a Snap
“The first is for the person who is always on the go,” Jeannie says. “Nothing’s worse than finding the perfect selfie and your phone is dead. We’ve all been there. This Tego Power Card is a phone charger the size of a credit card that quickly charges.

Light It Up
“Have you ever tried to take a front selfie, but there isn’t enough light around and you don’t have a flash? With the LuMee, you will always have the perfect light,” Loni shares. “This case comes with LED lights built in.”

Extend and Click
“This next one is for that moment when you’re about to head out the door,” Tamar says. “Your makeup is beat, your hair is laid and your outfit is bomb. The only problem is that an arm-length selfie just won’t feature everything in one frame. Not a problem anymore with the Extend-n-Click… just pull out this wand, snap your phone in, plug in the cord and extend the wand.”

The More the Merrier
“I find that it’s hard to get a large group in the shot, but the Hisy solves that problem. It’s a little stand and remote that snaps your picture,” Tamera shares. This remote connects with the camera shutter via Bluetooth, and you don’t have to plug anything in!”


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