Walk of Shame Kit: The Essentials

Say goodbye to smeared makeup, bed hair and returning home in your club dress from last night! Thanks to the ladies of “The Real,” the walk of shame just got a little less embarrassing.

Recover from a crazy night in style with these must-have items...

1. Got Wet Wipes?
No time to shower? No problem. Wipe yourself down win travel-size baby wipes.

2. Got Undies?
An extra pair of underwear is always a must. Add a pair of undies that fold into a discreet pouch.

3. Got Flats?
After a long night, chuck the deuces to your high heels and grab a pair of foldable flats. Store them in your bag. They are quick and easy.

4. Got a Toothbrush?
To avoid folks whispering about your breath, have a finger toothbrush handy. They can be found in the baby section of the store.

5. Got Dry Shampoo?
To remove oils and the club smell from your hair, spray on dry shampoo and shake. Voila!

We’ve all been caught out there, so why not look good while doing it?!


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