If you’ve been using the same mascara for a year, sorry to break it to you, but girl, it’s time to let it go! To all the packrats of the world, find out below when you should say goodbye to your favorite household items.

Q. How long should you wait before you change your pillows?
A. You should change your pillows every six months. Your fluffy friends gather up bacteria, mites and dead skin, so it’s best to swap them out twice a year.

Q. How often should you replace your shower pouf with a new one?
A. You should replace your pouf every three weeks. It may sound like often, but this thing fills with gunk that is bad for you!

Q. When should you get rid of your mascara?
A. You should replace your eye makeup every 2-3 months. Yes, it sounds expensive, but that’s the maximum amount of time before you’re spreading bacteria on your eyes. Ugh.

Q. When should you trash your toothbrush?
You should throw away your toothbrush every three months. Why? The bristles break down, and when that happens it no longer removes plaque. You should also grab a new brush after you’ve had a cold, flu or other mouth infections.


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