Coconut Cream Juice for Dry Skin

If you don’t have time for a complicated skin care routine, try applying Jeannie's recipe for DIY coconut cream. Not only is this portable health routine easy, but it can also double as a tasty beverage.

Check out this recipe, as seen on the show!


Coconut Cream for Dry Skin

2 cups unsweetened, dried coconut
3 cups hot water
Flavorings and sweeteners, if desired

• Set up your work space by placing a colander in a large bowl. Cover the colander with a piece of cheesecloth or a thin kitchen towel (like the flour sack kind).
• Blend the coconut and hot water for 2-3 minutes or until thoroughly processed. Pour the mixture into the kitchen towel, twist up, and squeeze as much milk as you can from the towel.
• Put remaining coconut back into the blender with 1 cup of hot water. Process again, and squeeze more milk out. If you do this a third time, your coconut milk may be very thin. Add sweeteners and flavorings if you like.
• Store in an airtight jar and refrigerate. Fresh coconut milk doesn't have the shelf life of regular milk, so use it up in 4-5 days. After sitting in the fridge, the "cream" will begin to separate from the milk. Just shake it up to blend it back together before you use it.

Note: If you'd like to use this as a beverage, thin it out 1:1 with water or until it suits your taste.


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